Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Aldi near Cannon Park

Aldi has applied for planning permission for a new store at Shultern Lane:
(Marked with the red line)

I've put in a comment:

The Transport Assessment (section 3.6) states that space will be provided for 8 cycles to be securely parked.

No grounds for supposing that this is adequate are given in the Transport Assessment. Yet in March 2015 the Cannon Park Shopping Centre Manager (Tim Pople) stated that 100 places were planned to be in operation there for the 2015/6 academic year.

The centre is 300m from the proposed development so the demographic of its customers will be similar. 
See planning application FUL/2015/2906


Planning permission was granted on 11 November, but with a condition that the building must not be used until the developers have provided adequate cycle parking (the council to decide what is adequate).

The council has also got £56,000 from Lidl to help pay for the construction of a three metre wide shared use footway/cycleway between Lynchgate Road and De Montfort Way. That is a path along the north side of Shultern Road between Lynchgate Road and the section of Shultern Road barred to motor traffic.


  1. And I suppose that they will be those useless things (sorry, I don't know the technical term) that you push your front wheel into.

    1. I think what you are referring to are termed "wheel benders". Google it.

      Sheffield stands seem to be in favour these days:

      I doubt whether they would be like these from the Netherlands:

      Bicycles are chained to those Dutch stands by their frames. The front wheels don't turn due to the secondary support of the front wheel. Which is useful when you are trying to load panniers. As the handlebars on one bike are at a different height to its neighbours, they don't foul.

      Too good for the UK though.

      Some people like tulip stands: