Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cycle Coventry Advisory Group - June meeting

Hearsall Common

An eight page Street News facilitating consultation with residents should be published by August. I suspect it will propose:
  • Widening of the footway from a point opposite Kingston Road, along the south side of the B4101 to Canley Road to make a 3m wide shared pedestrian/cyclist path.
  • A single stage Toucan crossing of the B4101 near to the end of the existing cycleway on the north side of the B4101. People wanting to cycle between the current northern side cycleway and Queensland Ave. might still be tempted to use the pavement between the new crossing and Queensland Ave. Although people cycling between Canley station and Queensland Ave. might find the new path on the south side of the B4101 a better idea.
  • Two stage Toucan crossings on all four arms of the B4101 / Queensland Ave. / Earlsdon Ave. North junction.
  • Bothway cycling on the Canley Road carriageway between the B4101 and Beechwood Ave.

Kenilworth Road / A45 junction

The council seems reluctant to improve this junction for cyclists and pedestrians. Despite its importance as a cycle route and the fact that some tens of thousands of pounds was made available by Railtrack for such improvements when the Canley station crossing was closed.

It's most unlikely that an increase in the motor vehicle carrying capacity of junction will go ahead. Why can't the council investigate the possibility of skimming some of the time allocated to some of the motor vehicle phases to provide a phase for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Fletchampstead Highway?

Other points

  • Footway conversion on the west side of Lockhurst Lane between Kingfield Road and the pedestrian crossing near Station Street West to a shared pedestrian/cyclist path still seems feasible, given parking bays for residents' cars. Conversion of the crossing to a Toucan and allowing bothway cycling along the Station Street West carriageway to Northey Road remains likely.
  • Some time was taken at the meeting discussing the delays that cyclists and pedestrians encounter waiting at Toucan crossings.
  • Widening of the footway on the south side of Charter Ave. between Sir Henry Parkes Road and Curriers Close still appears feasible.  Tree experts think this would not harm the trees.
  • Concern was expressed that some of the Cycle Coventry funds were being diverted into schemes which would do little to encourage more cycling and thus reduce funds available for those which would do more. E.g. the Toucan crossings on the B4101 / Queensland Ave / Earlsdon Ave North junction and the re-surfacing of Spon Street.
Minutes will be available in due course.