Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cycle Coventry - Route 4. Site visit

Members of the Cycle Coventry Advisory Group went on a site visit in early November.
The route is from Spon Street to Eastern Green.  Particular issues were at Butts Road, Hearsall Common and Tile Hill Lane west of the A45.

Latest comments on route 4.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crossing the ring road - junction 2

It's no fun cycling from Stoney Stanton Road into the city centre:
The current route for cyclists is shown in red. We have to cut across two flows of fast traffic: motorists getting onto the ring road in the clockwise direction and motorists leaving the ring road from an anti-clockwise direction.

The council is proposing to re-design the junction to allow buses and taxis a convenient short cut (shown in red):
A new entrance/exit for buses to/from Pool Meadow bus station is also proposed (shown in yellow).

Why won't cyclists be legally allowed to use the new facility? Taxis will.

I suspect that the council is considering converting the pavement on the north-west side of White Street into a pedestrian-cyclist shared use facility. While that will work for slower cyclists, a lot of pedestrians use pavement at this point, so there will be conflict between pedestrians and cyclists hurrying to work.

Why not both a shared cyclist/pedestrian route, for the slower cyclist AND a shared cyclist/bus route, for the faster cyclists? Cyclists in a hurry  can easily reach 15-20 mph, they won't hold up the buses over such a short stretch.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Site visit to Cycle Coventry - Route 1

Members of the Cycle Coventry Advisory Group went on a site visit in late October.
We looked at a route which avoided Widdrington Road and the issue of crossing Lockhurst Lane.
Latest comments on route 1.