Monday, 19 January 2015

Whitley Business Park Expansion

A planning application has been made to extend the Whitley Business Park to the south west.

As James Avery explains in his blog, it's "another example of a planning scheme in Coventry which completely fails to provide the required cycle access, in accordance with Coventry City council's own policies, which clearly require cycle and pedestrian access to be safe, convenient and direct."

Here's a map of the proposal:

The proposed new road (shown in red) will serve the storage and distribution unit (shown in blue).

About 100 metres south of the new road, there's the cycle path along the north side of the A45/A46. It would be so easy to provide a link. Yet the Highways Agency (who manage the A46) has no comment on the scheme.

At the moment the A45/A46 cycle path only provides a route to the east (Toll Bar End and Selsey Close / Sunbury Road), but a link over the Stivichall Interchange ("Festival Island") seems feasible. On the roundabout there's space on the bridge over the A444 and traffic lights at the junction with the slip road from the A444:

Existing cyclist/pedestrian paths are shown in green as are paths due to be re-instated as when the A45/A46  Tollbar End Improvement Scheme has been completed.  Shown in red is a possible route to link Finham & Stivichall to the Whitley Business Park.

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