Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Henley Road

Coventry Council is proposing to improve the Henley Road section of the cycle route between University Hospital and Longford Park.

The proposals include
  1. Widening the Henley Road footways to create shared pedestrian/cyclist paths:
    • On the north side between the Sowe river bridge and Deedmore Road. This is likely to be about 2.4m wide.
    • On the south side between the new Toucan crossing and Brierley Road. This is likely to be just over 3m wide.
  2. Adding Toucan crossings to Henley Road at the points shown with red markers on the map. This includes adding Toucan phases to all three arms of the Deedmore Road / Henley Road junction
Details of the proposed scheme. A presentation was given to a local Neighbourhood Forum on 3 September.

I'm concerned about the lack of segregation between pedestrians and cyclists - the footway close to Henley College can get busy. Also there's some issues about the crossing of Henley Mill Lane:
  • the turn for motorists needs to be made sharper; to slow traffic
  • cyclists travelling on the new path along Henley Road need to retain their priority over turning traffic
  • there should be enough space to allow a car
    • turning into Henley Mill Lane to clear the Henley Road carriageway before having to stop for pedestrians & cyclists
    • leaving Henley Mill Lane, waiting for a gap in the Henley Road traffic, to clear the pedestrian/cyclist path.
A good example of a cycle path crossing a side road:

Details of the proposed scheme

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