Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bridge over A444 at Whitley - Report to planning committee published

No sign of movement in the report from council officers to the planning committee of 6 Feb 2014.

On page 10, the report refers to the Coventry Development Plan (CDP):
 AM12 states that convenient cycle routes, made safer by design, must
generally be incorporated in the design of new developments and highway schemes. 

concedes (p11):
.. the number of crossing points increases to get from Leaf Lane to the JLR site
but then implies that making them signalised is a step forward:
all of these crossings are signalised whereas the current crossing points on Leaf Lane are uncontrolled. 

So one uncontrolled crossing of Leaf Lane traffic is worse than
  1. a controlled crossing of Leaf Lane traffic plus traffic leaving the business park towards Coventry
  2. plus a controlled crossing of traffic approaching the Business Park from the Festival Island roundabout
  3. plus a controlled crossing of traffic leaving the Business Park towards the south
I'd rather cross no traffic than have to wait at a crossing.

One thing the report does include is an improved map.

Think about cycling in central London.  It's not pleasant, it's not safe, but lots of people do it. For many journeys it's more convenient than any other form of transport.  Convenience matters!

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