Sunday, 24 February 2013

More cycling on the A444?

There's a planning application for a pub and car showroom on what was the Bell Green Goods Yard. Link

I've marked the approximate location and size in brown on the map above.  I've also marked the existing  pedestrian/cyclist paths (in blue) and the proposed new stretch of shared pedestrian/cyclist path (yellow).

There's an opportunity to extend the pedestrian/cyclist path to link up with the section on the side of the A444 further to the north-west.  I've marked that in red.

I sent the following comment to the council regarding the application:

I'd like to see the 3m shared pedestrian/cyclist path along Phoenix Way extended beyond the site access in a north-westward direction to join the existing pedestrian/cyclist path starting just east of the bridge over the canal. This would allow pedestrian & cyclist access from the area west of the site.

This would be useful not only for people accessing the site but also for the wider community - e.g. those wishing to access the retail park south west of the development and the Blue Ribbon business park.

Cycle Coventry route 2 uses the canal towpath, but this has inadequate width for commuter cyclists and has issues of personal security. 

After sending the comment it was pointed out to me that the opportunity to use the canal as a water feature for the pub had been overlooked in the application. There's no direct access from the towpath to the pub.

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