Monday, 30 April 2012

Broadgate parking

On 25 April I met council officers to consider cycle parking in Broadgate. They suggested three locations:

Between Nationwide and Timpson

An old favourite as the photo from 2009 shows. 
Enforcement action saw the powered two-wheelers disappear and more bicycles appear.

Near the public telephones (Travelodge)

Outside Wilkinson
Council officers couldn't say exactly where, as Wilkinson was undecided about where their entrance would be.

Whether enough will be provided remains to be seen. If enough aren't provided, cyclists will improvise:


  1. Re-using the old position next to Nationwide seems to have a number of advantages:
    i) They will be visible so people will use them.
    ii) They will be overlooked by people using the cash points which may deter theft etc.
    iii) They are out of the way so won't be moved to make way for an event etc.

  2. Can I cycle through the new Broadgate?

    If not:
    # what are the alternative shortest routes
    # there is pleanty of space there so can a bike lane be painted over the concreted floor

  3. I'm pretty sure that cycling in Broadgate is legal.

    The council has wanted to pedestrianise Broadgate for years. Until recently that meant no cycling either, but they did change their mind. There's plenty of room in Broadgate so it should be possible for cyclists to avoid passing close to pedestrians.

    Have any signs been put up?

  4. Any update on when this is likely to happen? I cycled into town the other day and ended up locking my bike to one of the Sheffield stands near the west orchards escalators, but would have rather parked in Broadgate.

  5. The stands should go in once the Olympics are out of the way.

    According to a council source (8 August):
    Sites have been marked out in Broadgate (next to Timpson's and Wilkinson's), next to the motorcycle parking near Bull Yard and on Warwick Row.

  6. Glad to hear it. I must admit I've used the motorcycle parking nr the Bull Yard to lock my bike up already.

  7. On 17th August I noticed about half a dozen stands by the motorcycle parking near Bull Yard (Spire House end). Also stands in Broadgate, between Nationwide and Timpson, and outside the new (Northern) entrance to Wilkinson.

  8. I've noticed the stands in the Bull Yard on subsequent visits. Have never been able to work out if I just didn't notice them when I used the motorcycle parking, or if they were installed afterwards.