Monday, 30 January 2012

Stoney Road Bridge: Southbound cars banned

There's a proposed Traffic Regulation Order banning private motor vehicles from travelling south over Stoney Road's railway bridge.  Taxis are now to be included in the ban.

Modification of a Road Traffic Order
City of Coventry (Stoney Road) (Bus Lane) Order 2011

Coventry City Council ("the Council"), under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) and the Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996, intends to modify the above Road Traffic Regulation Order ("the Order").

The Order was advertised on 13th October 2010, and sought to implement a bus lane in the nearside lane of Stoney Road (south carriageway) from a point four (4) metres south west of its junction with Manor Road to a point forty-seven (47) metres north of its junction with Michaelmas Road.

As advertised, the Order permitted buses, taxis, private hire vehicles, pedal cycles and vehicles accessing 41 and/or 43 Stoney Road, to travel in the bus lane.

The Council received a number of responses in favour of the proposal together with a number of formal objections. These were formally considered at the Cabinet Member (City Services) meeting held on 13th December 2011. At the meeting the decision was reached that the Order should be modified to prohibit taxis (hackney carriages and private hire vehicles) using the bus lane.

As a result of the aforementioned decision the Council hereby gives notice that the Order is to be modified thereby prohibiting taxis (hackney carriages and private hire vehicles) from using the bus lane. Buses, pedal cycles and vehicles accessing 41 and/or 43 Stoney Road, will continue to be permitted to use the bus lane.

A copy of this notice, the modified Order, plan and modified Statement of Reasons for making the Order may be inspected at Civic Centre 4 (Reception Area), Much Park Street, Coventry, during normal office hours. Any objections to the proposed modification should be forwarded to Mr R Parkes, Commercial Team, Legal Services, Coventry City Council, 4th Floor, Christchurch House, Greyfriars Lane, Coventry CV1 2QL by no later than Thursday, 16th February 2012.

Any person requiring further information in connection with this proposed modification should contact the Council's Traffic Management Team during normal office hours on telephone number 024 76834209.

Chris West
Director of Finance & Legal Services
Council House
Dated: 26th January 2012


  1. I didn't know this was going to happen until they finished the road works the other week. I use the bridge in either direction each day on my commute to work, and have had several nasty incidents heading northbound with drivers overtaking into oncoming traffic, drivers overtaking and then left-hooking me as they turn into Manor Road and drivers pulling out of Manor Road into my path because they haven't looked right properly before pulling out.

    I'm pleased to see the installation of this bus/cycle lane and hopeful that it might help to reduce incidents like those I've mentioned above.

    However, on every occasion I have used the bridge since the installation of the bus lane I have seen at least one vehicle using it that shouldn't have been. I'm particularly interested to read that taxis are not permitted to use it. As far as I have observed both minicabs and Hackney Carriages are using it regularly.

    I wonder if the council intend to enforce the lane at all?

  2. I've only used the road once since the signs were put up - and I saw a taxi turn right out of Manor Road and go over the bridge.

    Perhaps the council/residents are waiting for motorists to realise that there have been changes before trying to get better enforcement.

    The ban won't help northbound cyclists, but it will help southbound cyclists wanting to turn right into Michaelmas Road or the other roads to the west of Stoney Road.

    1. I think it helps northbound cyclists in two ways.

      1. the middle of the road is now a solid white line that must not be crossed, so if a cyclist is in secondary or primary position there isn't room for motor vehicles to overtake a cyclist on what is basically a blind bend.

      2. when drivers inevitably ignore the solid white line and overtake anyway, the reduced southbound traffic should reduce the risk of drivers suddenly pulling back in to avoid a head-on collision.

  3. I don't buy the Telegraph (where changes were advertised), I returned to Coventry after two weeks away and I encountered the new 'bus gate' whilst driving a car way to work this morning. I had no choice but to drive through. As a motorist/cyclist I have nver had any problems with the bend before. Cars drive too fast and have no respect for two wheels period -this will remain the same. If the council want to improve things for cyclist they should create a safe way of crossing the city centre especially late at night. At the moment it a case of which dark alley or underpass to cycle through or take the ring road itself. Coventry council sucks.

  4. We can't expect much to be done purely for the benefit of cyclists. A realistic aim is to make sure that when when changes are made for other reasons cyclists don't get a worse deal (see Hales Street).

    The restriction is there for the benefit of residents. They don't want heavy traffic going past their front doors. There was always the chance that the restriction on south bound traffic might include cyclists. I did email some remarks months back which may of helped ensure that cycles as well as buses were exempt.

    Perhaps enforcement of the current arrangements may prove impossible. An alternative would be to ban buses as well, restricting the bridge to a single lane (with a narrow by-pass path for cyclists).

    As for crossing the ring road, the narrow subways were designed for pedestrian only use and are not very good for that due to anti-social behaviour. That leaves a number of alternatives

    1) Much wider subways with much better sight lines. Probably very expensive

    2) Bridges. Again not cheap and involve a greater decent and ascent than subways causing issues particularly for people in wheelchairs

    3) Redesigning the roundabouts, slowing the motor traffic, so that pedestrians can cross at street level and cyclists have no problem sharing the carriageway with the cars.

  5. I don't see how someone approaching the bridge can be left with no option but to cross it. You can always turn right into Manor Road to avoid entering the bus lane.

    According to the Coventry City Council twitter feed there is an enforcement camera in place, and tickets will be issued to vehicles incorrectly using the bus lane.

    I'm still seeing at least one vehicle using the bus lane that shouldn't be every time I pass it, so they could be handing out an awful lot of tickets.

  6. I totally agree. The signs are not clear, and I have driven through it twice without realising until it was too late. Not many people knew this was happening. If you don't read the evening telegraph then you would not know. There is a tiny red sign on the Quinton road and then you get the bus lane. I think drivers need to realise before there is enforcement. Especially after the Easter break. I shall not be driving that way again, and will join the Warwick Road chaos outside Henry's, where there is no lane disciple, and parents dropping kids of at school, holding up buses and traffic. Going towards the Kenilworth Road from north Coventry is a nightmare journey. Especially at peak times in the morning. I think consideration from the council needs to be made ASAP, before we have a major accident on the Warwick Road or on the Quinton Rd turning right onto the Daventry Road.

    A frustrated Coventry driver!

    1. I don't really understand how you can drive through it without realising, the signs are visible from when you turn into Stoney Road from Quinton Road, they don't exactly sneak up on you. I'm especially baffled by how you could drive through it without realising twice, surely the first time would give you a clue as to the altered status of the road.

      I cycle from the east of Coventry to (and then up) the Kenilworth Road in rush hour every morning and don't find it a particularly unpleasant journey.

  7. I reached a new record for seeing vehicles infringing this lane on Tuesday. In the 3 or 4 minutes that I could see the bus lane across my two journeys I witnessed 7 cars and a black cab using it.

  8. "1,500 fines were issued to drivers using a controversial new bus lane in just one week – thanks to a camera hidden by a tree."