Sunday, 14 November 2010

Chicanes on Bike Paths

These are often a cause of complaint for cyclists.

Take the path between Yew Close and Ashdown Close in Lower Stoke, marked in blue on the map:

Originally it was pretty good path, wide with a kerb separating pedestrians from cyclists.

But then two sets of chicanes were put in (marked with hazard signs on the map)

It's impossible to get past without dismounting, as this young lady demonstrates:

According to the Department of Transport:

If staggered (chicane) barriers are used, the arrangement should be designed to slow cyclists rather than force them to dismount. Chicane layouts should provide gaps of at least 1.5 metres between barriers and walls, and at least the same distance between barriers. Tandems, tricycles and child trailers require at least 2 metres between consecutive barriers. (Local Transport Note 2/08 - October 2008, section 8.15.5)

There's only about 1.0 metres between the barriers on this path! (It's a double barrier).

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