Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Grand Opening Kenilworth <--> Warwick University path

26 October saw the grand opening of the cycling and walking path between Kenilworth and University of Warwick:

More photos from Sustrans.

Local dignitaries made speeches. The chair of Warwickshire County Council's Highways committee expressed the hope of closer collaboration with Coventry on transport matters. I wonder if that means that we might see improved cycle routes between Bedworth and Coventry? Or an improvement to the bridlepath between University Hospital and Coombe Abbey Country Park?

The university's deputy vice-chancellor mentioned the aim of increasing the use of its facilities by local residents. I wonder whether we will see better signage between the university's "Tesco's entrance" and the new path? Directing cyclists along Scarman Road to the main entrance may be best for long distance riders, but Canley parents taking their children to Abbey Fields might be better off with a Health Centre Road route.

I'm told that Warwickshire County Council is becoming more serious about improving the route between Kenilworth and Leamington. The A452 is diabolical. A serious study of the costs of a cycle path is being made and there's talk that construction could be part financed by the proposed development of the Thickthorn area south-east of Kenilworth.

More details about the path

Warwick University's view

It was rather windy at the portrait bench...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cycle Coventry - First Impressions

Over the past month I have cycled along most of the proposed routes. I've a few general comments which I hope to raise at the Cycle Coventry Advisory Group meetings:
  1. Monitoring. Early on is the only time to find the baseline cycle usage. Not only should the cycle use on the proposed routes be measured, but also on alternative routes, to check how much cycle traffic is generated by the improvements and how much is merely shifted. More accurate data about current usage might also be helpful in assessing the usefulness of various improvements.
  2. Website It might be a good idea to establish a website early-on to report on progress and plans. Inviting comments from (would-be) users. An example from Lancaster & Morecambe
  3. Could route 4 be extended along Corporation Street to join routes 2 and 3? If so re-installation of the facility for cyclists to by-pass buses waiting at the Upper Well Street junction could be examined. Buses block the carriageway as they wait behind other traffic waiting to turn right from Corporation Street at the traffic signals. At the moment there's a danger of cyclists taking to the footway to avoid the congestion.
I've also some comments about each of the routes:

North-East Routes
South-West Routes