Friday, 13 September 2013

Hinckley Road Safety Scheme

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  1. Sigh, more shared use pavement. And 3m wide, so the bare minimum recommended by the DfT:
    I wonder if it will be full of cars, lamposts and bins like the A45 shared use pavement just west of the Kenilworth Road?

    1. The A45 just west of Kenilworth Road has houses on it which brings problems. If you take a look at the proposal along the A4600, there's not much in the way of lamp posts. There's no houses for people to want to park outside.

      I don't think conflict between pedestrians & cyclists will be a problem either as there's not many pedestrians on the existing path.

      The main potential problems I see with this scheme are conflicts with motor traffic. E.g. the crossings of the access to the Murco petrol station, the crossing of Wigston Road and the crossings to the car parks off Eden Road.

      I see from google streetview that there was a problem of car parking on the Eden Road verge when the google car went past. If that's still the case, bollards close to the kerb may be needed.

    2. Thanks George. Any idea if the cycle lane/pavement will have any priority over side roads?

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  3. I have no details about that. Junctions are always a problem with off-carriageway paths