Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cycle Coventry Advisory Group - June meeting

Hearsall Common

An eight page Street News facilitating consultation with residents should be published by August. I suspect it will propose:
  • Widening of the footway from a point opposite Kingston Road, along the south side of the B4101 to Canley Road to make a 3m wide shared pedestrian/cyclist path.
  • A single stage Toucan crossing of the B4101 near to the end of the existing cycleway on the north side of the B4101. People wanting to cycle between the current northern side cycleway and Queensland Ave. might still be tempted to use the pavement between the new crossing and Queensland Ave. Although people cycling between Canley station and Queensland Ave. might find the new path on the south side of the B4101 a better idea.
  • Two stage Toucan crossings on all four arms of the B4101 / Queensland Ave. / Earlsdon Ave. North junction.
  • Bothway cycling on the Canley Road carriageway between the B4101 and Beechwood Ave.

Kenilworth Road / A45 junction

The council seems reluctant to improve this junction for cyclists and pedestrians. Despite its importance as a cycle route and the fact that some tens of thousands of pounds was made available by Railtrack for such improvements when the Canley station crossing was closed.

It's most unlikely that an increase in the motor vehicle carrying capacity of junction will go ahead. Why can't the council investigate the possibility of skimming some of the time allocated to some of the motor vehicle phases to provide a phase for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Fletchampstead Highway?

Other points

  • Footway conversion on the west side of Lockhurst Lane between Kingfield Road and the pedestrian crossing near Station Street West to a shared pedestrian/cyclist path still seems feasible, given parking bays for residents' cars. Conversion of the crossing to a Toucan and allowing bothway cycling along the Station Street West carriageway to Northey Road remains likely.
  • Some time was taken at the meeting discussing the delays that cyclists and pedestrians encounter waiting at Toucan crossings.
  • Widening of the footway on the south side of Charter Ave. between Sir Henry Parkes Road and Curriers Close still appears feasible.  Tree experts think this would not harm the trees.
  • Concern was expressed that some of the Cycle Coventry funds were being diverted into schemes which would do little to encourage more cycling and thus reduce funds available for those which would do more. E.g. the Toucan crossings on the B4101 / Queensland Ave / Earlsdon Ave North junction and the re-surfacing of Spon Street.
Minutes will be available in due course.


  1. You mention the Kenilworth Road/A45 junction. Is any consideration being given to the Kenilworth Road/Gibbet Hill Road junction? Seems that you have to take your life in your hands to get across there at busy times.

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    2. Alas I don't see much being done about the Kenilworth Road/Gibbet Hill Road junction for some time.

      The junction is very congested with car traffic at peak times and a pedestrian phase can only be inserted by reducing some of the time allocated to vehicles.

      Cycle Coventry route 7 along Kenilworth Road from the city centre turns right into Gibbet Hill Road.

  2. I think the council need to repaint a lot of the cycle paths around town. They are not clear, pedestrians wander on them and as pedestrians are nearly always 'plugged in' and looking at smartphones they don't hear me ringing my bell. We have some great cycle paths (even if some do just peter out) and alternative routes for bikes.
    Also can something be done about the surface of bridge between Spencer Park and Central Six/Grosvenor Rd? The park end is bone juddering and my friend with a push chair says it's not much better for them either! I think there needs to be a 'beware of bikes' sign opposite the top of the steps up from the car park as well - folk come up the stairs and walk straight out not realising bikes are coming - I always slow down but it would be nice if they did too!
    Keep up the pressure, we'll maybe reach critical mass soon! Thanks a lot

  3. Resurfacing of the path between Spencer Ave and Grosvenor Rd is part of Cycle Coventry route 7, and was originally scheduled for January 2014.

    Which are the cycle paths in need of repainting?

  4. Fully agree with richetal that cycle lanes are fading in places and desperately need repainting. A good case is Binley Rd city bound side between Bulls Head Lane & A444 roundabout. Lack of road markings equals lack of visible safety protection and should there be a collision a good car drivers lawyer would use this to successfully win the case. What plans do the council have to repaint the markings?

    1. I don't know the council's plans in this regard. Try Street Services:

      I note that a few months back the white lines between the Bulls Head and Allard Way were repainted and the cycle lanes widened. Which was good.

      I understand that recently, in New York, considerable improvements to the roads from a cycling perspective have been made using funds from the roads maintenance budget; but I haven't read of that happening anywhere in the UK.

    2. Another point about Binley Road's cycle lanes. Leaving the A444 roundabout, going towards the city centre, the road curves to the left. Motorists cut the corner and enter the cycle lane. So replacing the white line as it curves with something more substantial (bollards or a raised kerb?) would be a cheap but effective improvement.

    3. A little further along the cycle lane you mention becomes a bus lane prior to the traffic lights for Gulson Rd. I reckon its a suicide run for cyclists staying in the bus lane and wanting to carry on straight ahead into town.

      Anyone else been chopped up at this point by speeding cars/vans/lorries turning left into Gulson Rd?

    4. That happened to me in 1977. Since then I've tackled the junction differently. When I'm going straight on I position myself in the bus lane but to the right of the centre, about two or three metres from the kerb.

      I see some cyclists use the next lane, but on its left hand side; an invitation to be cut up by traffic on both sides?

      I strongly believe when stopped at red on light controlled junctions, cyclists should be in the MIIDDLE of the appropriate lane, not to the left. Your position should indicate where you want to go.

      Slogans for safe cycling: Be Bold but not Stupid, Be Assertive but not Aggressive.

    5. I used to use the Cycle path heading away from the A444 roundabout towards Gulson Rd every day. Motorists do indeed cut the corner into the cycle lane to the point that the paint is completely worn away on the cycle lane.

      When I used to use it I was generally turning into Gulson Rd, but was once very badly left hooked by a driver who overtook me and then turned across the front of me into St George's Road. Since that day I've always taken a very wide line to the right hand side of the bus lane which seems to have deterred anyone else from cutting me up.

  5. Another point is the significant amounts of puncture causing debris on the shared footpath & cycle way sections. Typically shards of drink related broken glass (every night is party night??). How often does the council sweep these sections? It needs to be much more frequent that happens at present.

    1. Again take that up with Street Services.

      For many years cyclists all over the country have complained about the debris on the shared pedestrian / cyclist paths. Sometimes it's bad enough for cyclists to use the carriageway instead.

      If you don't get a good response from the council employees, take it up with one of the councillors who covers the area in question.

  6. Has anyone spotted a Friarsgate (Railway station) change affecting the top end of Park Road? Currently it is a dead and blocked to road vehicles. The brick wall is to be taken down to allow taxis ONLY from the station to get to J5 of the ring road.

    There needs to be a cycle route put into this plan to allow bike access as well. Also the cycle route through the subways there is poor. A great opportunity for the cyclist to be let down yet again by Coventry council.

  7. This is the first I've read about it. Often I get notice of Traffic Regulation Orders and such like. But not yet.

    The cycling route between Gulson Road (and eastern Coventry) and the railway station is pretty poor. Making it easier to get between Parkside and Park Road would be an important but partial improvement.

  8. According to the "written questions" booklet at yesterdays council meeting (; provision of pedestrian and cycle crossing phases at A45/Kenilworth Road junction lights is due to be completed this year.

    They list Cashes Park as complete, but it is still waiting for the top layer of tarmac. The bollard at the Kingfield Road gate needs making more obvious or moving as I nearly cycled into it the first time I used the path.


  9. We'll bring up your points at the next cycle Coventry Advisory Group meeting (17 Sep).

    The pedestrian and cycle crossing phases at A45/Kenilworth Road junction lights is a long standing issue. Apparently a study was made in the past which indicated that a pedestrian/cyclist phase could be put in by reducing the durations of the turn right phases in and out of Fletchampstead Highway without significant impact on the motor traffic carrying capacity of the junction.

  10. Good News about Kenilworth Road / A45 junction. The council will add a traffic light phase for pedestrians & cyclists crossing Fletchamstead Highway along Kenilworth Road's western side. The time will be taken from the turn right phase from Kenilworth Road into Fletchamstead Highway. Traffic making that right turn will get an extra traffic lane to maintain capacity.

    A top layer of tarmac should be added to the Cashs Park path in the next few days. The access point at Kingfield Road is still "work in progress".